My Niner Nation

My Niner Nation

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The House that Harbaugh Built

I apologize for the lack of updates. It has been several weeks since I have posted anything about my beloved San Francisco 49ers. I stopped being a journalist and was enjoying being a fan. Can you blame me? Look at the magnitude of this season for this team. Just taking in everything in with a deep breath (as if right before the plunge) and it is a bit over-whelming. If you knew me and understood my love for this team you would not question seeing a grown man crying when he sees his team winning.

That being said I have come back down to earth. I can comprehend what is at stake. Some haters might find a way to slight the 49ers and their efforts, but Vince Lombardi said it best ;

“Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing”

Welcome to the House that Harbaugh built and just like any great blueprint one must have a great foundation. And foundation begins with a man by the name of Bill Walsh. Others might know of him as “the Genius” but it was Bill Walsh and John McVay who created the west coast offensive. All of the different variety of it exists today because of these two men. Their minds alone created the 20 script play idea before every game. West coast becomes run and gun. And no one could respond. The Dynasty that existed in the 80’s and 90’s was due to these men’s thoughts and schemes.

"He was very upbeat on Jim, Walsh would be in his office at Stanford and Jim would come in, sit on the floor with his back against the wall, and they'd talk…My sense of it was that Bill thought he had spotted a good one."John McVay

The beautiful thing is the tree does not stop there. In the mix you can through in people like Bo Schembechler (Michigan), Ted Marchibroda (Colts), Lindy Infante (Colts), Mike Ditka (Bears) and the likes of Paul Brown (Bengals/Walsh OC).

It is upon this foundation of experience and knowledge that Harbaugh builds his house. Maybe even a dynasty.

From Palo Alto to Santa Clara

Since Bill Walsh is considered “the Genius” then I am going to have dub Jim Harbaugh the “Mad Scientist”. Truth be told I stole that from my brother Donald. Still it makes sense for this era of football and on the same note would Greg Roman be his alchemist making metal into Gold! (pun intended)

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