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My Niner Nation

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frank Gore 2.0

                It is just a little obvious when Frank is not 100% as I was watching the game against the Giants I noticed he was having a hard time getting vertical. There was just no push and too much hesitation.

“Hitting the ground, I hyper-extended my leg and it kind of shut down my leg, and I couldn't really push off like I wanted to. I wanted to be smart, and Rathman wanted me to be smart, knowing we've got a long season ahead and we can be successful, and I want to be there." – Frank Gore

 Let’s not also forget that the Giants had to stack 9 to 10 players in the box to pull off such feat, holding Gore to 0 yards on 6 carries, totally underestimating Alex Smith “game management” skills.

"The Giants took an extreme measure, a measure rarely seen in the NFL. It was a nice adjustment by them” said Greg Roman “You have to go to some high school fields to see that loaded of a box.”

I mean the guy is a work horse. Let’s not over use him before we get a playoff berth. Give Kendall Hunter a little more touches to spell Gore. I know Gore’s love for the game is what keeps him going, but his skill set will be needed later in the post season. (God willing)

"Whatever the coaches want to do, I'll be fine with it, but I want to be out there. I want to be out there bad." - Gore

They will be no need to worry. Frank will be back in action come Sunday against the Cardinals.

“Things happen for a reason, I'm back, and I'll be ready to play against them Sunday." -Gore

At this point in the season at 8-1, I feel now Harbaugh is going to sand bag his opponents more so than he has been, and just take it one game at time. No need to get ahead of ourselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh started to play more rookies, and backups. That is to say, if we win the NFC West.

Harbaugh is like the ultimate chess player, seeing every move 5 moves before it happens. So be ready for anything down the stretch.

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