My Niner Nation

My Niner Nation

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Clash of the Titans

                More often than not the offense is credited with a teams’ success before the defense. Not to say defenses do not go unnoticed. I think Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant Jr. said it best "Offense sells tickets; Defense wins championships". It is true, so true if you think about it. People want to see a passing clinic with big plays, yet what is it worth if you can’t stop the big plays or the run for that matter.

The San Francisco 49ers defense is number 1 against run with 73.9 allowed per game and the Baltimore Ravens defense is number 5 with allowing 93.2 yards per game. Through ten games the Ravens have also tallied up 11 interceptions to the 49ers 15 interceptions, which are tied for 2nd most in the league, and both teams have a pick six. The Ravens also have 29 sacks which is the second most behind the Vikings, Giants, and Redskins holding down the 1 spot with 31 sacks each. The 49ers have 25 sacks which is good enough to put them in a tie for the sixth most sacks.

I realize two things when I comparing the Ravens and Niners defenses. 1.)  The 49ers beat both the Giants and the Redskins, and Alex plays well against the blitz, so let the Raves blitz. I look forward to it. 2.) The Ravens will be without Ray Lewis and even if he plays he won’t be 100% that being said I feel the 49ers front 7 is better. The 49ers should win the ground game. John’s Harbaugh will not make the mistake and take Alex Smith for likely, therefore giving room to work with in the box to the 49ers line and tight ends.

It seems almost epic that these two brothers meet on a Thursday night in Baltimore, not only where their parents live but most of their family. Jim Harbaugh played for the Colts team that moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens, and was a Raven.

 During that time John was an assistant with the Jets.

Jack and Jackie’s Harbaugh wedding anniversary is tomorrow I wonder how that will play out between the brothers.

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