My Niner Nation

My Niner Nation

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

F/A Frenzey

    I have been a huge San Francisco 49er fan since I was able to understand football. I have been spoiled over the years. I was born in 1983, so I was fortunate enough to watch some of the best years the Niners had to offer. Yet, as I have gotten older the wins have been less and less and the dynasty is all but forgotten. FYi – we don’t need Takeo Spikes, Navarro will do much better, carbon copy of Willis.

    And in recent years it has been blamed on one player, a man by the name of Alex Smith. The quarterback out of Utah and Myer’s pro shotgun system was selected number one overall in 2005, the future of the Franchise. How did that pan out for all you other Niner fans? Well three head coaches later and as many different offensive coordinators as seasons (7 including this year) Alex Smith has not had it easy, far from it in fact. One can only imagine what it is liked to be booed by an entire stadium just to come back and tie the defending superbowl champs in the closing mins of a Monday night game. Close but no cigar. That is Mr. Smith’s story. You almost had a good season… you could have been good.

    Well I am betting the farm this season; yes this 7th NFL season of smith’s will be eye opening. So all your non-believers get your popcorn ready this season will be one to remember.

    So bye bye TS and good bye

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